Information Technology

Innovative, Scaleable and Modern Solutions

BDP2’s personnel and leadership bring a wide range of expertise in IT from supporting various government and commercial operations. With a background in education, we have the ability to transform our client’s IT vision, working alongside them through training programs to create measurable strategic goals that translate to all relevant parties. BDP2 sets up systems to address critical IT problems systematically, giving organizations the ability to deploy services quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively, long after delivery.

We have working relations with clients improving their IT Program and Project Management structure, allowing them to properly organize their Information, Databases, and Portfolios. Providing Web Design and Technical Writing expertise, BDP2 helps organizations create aesthetically pleasing and legible websites that detail their service offerings, leading them to further success through becoming more alluring to their prospective clients and partners.

Our Services Include:

  • IT Program and Project Management
  • Database Development
  • SharePoint Development and Management
  • Information Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Governance
  • Web Design
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Technical Writing and Documentation
  • Stakeholder Training Services

BDP2 is a certified 8(a), and Native American Woman-Owned Small Business firm specializing in management consulting services to federal, state and tribal clientele.


BDP2 Joint Venture

3852 Idlebrook Dr.
Frisco, TX 75034

POC: Tyler Rush

Ph: (305) 389-3522


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